Download Simply Launching Applications Freeware

RoboTask Lite  v.3.0

RoboTask Lite allows you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to moving or backing up files and much more.

XLauncher  v.2.62

xLauncher is a desktop utility that provides an alternative method of launching applications, easier to use than Windows Start menu. xLauncher offers several superior methods for launching your favorite applications and opening documents.

ChalautCM  v.1.0

ChalautCM 1.0 is a highly effective contextual menu plug-in possessing desirable features in launching applications as

Fkey Expander  v.1.0.0

Fkey Expander 1.0.0 is a versatile tool with the ability of launching applications and opening folders and files by pressing specific function keys. However, if you use this handy ability of OS 9, you will run out of Fkeys very quickly.That is why

DiskWrangler for Mac OS  v.3.1.1

A utility that gives you greater control over launching applications and documents. You can set it up to launch any file with any application. After you set applications and documents you want to launch, it’s just a matter of few keystrokes or

NeoSearch  v.2.35

Tired of wondering where you saved that important document? Is launching applications quickly something you still dream about? Put off by having to scour through your hard-disk to find that elusive mp3? You know that Google Desktop and Vista's

Launch  v.1.0

Framework for launching applications with binaries downloaded/updated securely from the internet

AppLaunch for Mac OS  v.3.0

A MacOS X version of the common 'sRun' or 'sLaunch' dialogs provided by other operating systems and window managers such as Windows or KDE. It consist of a input box where the user enters a command line that will be passed to the applications

Pro Cleaner  v.

ProCleaner is a freeware system optimizer and privacy tool that erases history, manages startup and uninstalls softwares.

ProfileLink  v.3.00

ProfileLink is the missing link between the user accounts and the location where the laptop is used.

GNOME Shell  v.3.4.1

GNOME Shell is the defining technology of the GNOME 3 user experience.

Running Applications for Mac OS  v.2.0

An application launching utility for Mac OS X Leopard that conveniently lists all running applications in a handy menu in the menubar. With a focus on ease-of-use, Running Applications was developed specifically to accommodate those users who switch

ManageEngine Applications Manager  v.6

Applications Manager is a web-based monitoring tool that monitors applications, servers, databases, systems, services, websites, and JMX/SNMP-based custom applications in a complex IT infrastructure. It also offers fault and performance management.

Track Your Job Applications  v.1.01

Keep track of all your online and offline job applications in one place. Keep a note of CVs or résumés sent out, closing dates, online login details and details of your contacts at employment agencies or individual companies.

Force Quit all Applications for Mac OS  v.1.0

Force quit all open applications Now! This small app will force quit all applications, helpful if your system is having trouble, or you need to quickly close all open applications.

Simply Solitaire for Mac OS  v.1.0

Simply Solitaire offers a variety of different solitaire games to choose from, but if you are also looking for your favorite Klondike, Spider or Freecell game, you got it! These games are the old standbys that fit in perfectly when you need a good

Simply Orders Starter Edition  v.1.5.02

Simply Orders Starter Edition was developed for the needs of small businesses, to manage orders; keep track of what orders/products you need to send; print or email professional looking invoices; and keep track of when they are paid. Can shared on a

ASCS Intranet Applications  v.09-27-2009

ASCS Intranet Applications are a suite of .NET applications that you can download and install on your server, free of charge, to build a business portal. Our tools are simple, yet powerful and secure, and built with minimal graphics and bloat so they

FREE Mobile Applications Creator  v.1.0

Create your own mobile applications.

Simply Dreaming  v.0.3

This is a light weight HTML editor, that (hopefully, given time) will have many of the features that can be found in applications like dreamweaver and hotdog.

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